Bruce Springsteen on the stereo – Human Touch – fuck i love that song!.

So here goes….my random bullshit thoughts on the screen for everyone, or no one to read. I guess the point of starting this was the frustration around the general apathy of people.

Before Christmas my company did a little social media experiment. We offered up 3, $300 gift cards to any shop of people’s choosing. As well as that, we donated $100 to the Starlight Foundation in the winners names. All people had to do was like us, and if they wanted, share the link tot he competition. That’s it. Not gathering your personal information, not asking anything more from you than the click of a button.

We threw it out there on facebook. Now between the office crew – we’re probably got 1500 friends or so. Over the 3 weeks of the competition, you know how many people shared out link? 60. That’s right. Fucking 60.

I don’t know what to do. You try and go about things the right way – ethically sound business, trying to give people access to information regarding their careers, their future – but nope – no one gives a shit.

Now 5 million people will share a picture of a fucking cat taking a shit – or Kim Kartrashian shaking her ass yet again, but to support an Australian business, to give to one of the best charities in the country – people couldn’t be arsed!

SoTheRantBegins. I don’t know how often i’ll get onto it – but i’m hoping that by some fucking miracle – the word gets around, people take a look – and we get the power of the people to help us compete in a market dominated by media giants and soulless corporate conglomerates.


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