Ranty Video


So this is what started it. A little toke – and 6 weeks worth of frustration vented into 5 minutes of bad quality video.

And i know that probably, no one will ever see this…..and even less than nobody will read my thoughts for 2013 – but in the end, it feels right – and if it never goes anywhere then fuck it – still cathartic right?

And who knows – perhaps my cynical, sarcastic self will be jaw droppingly surprised when the masses are not as apathetic as one thinks.



2 thoughts on “Ranty Video

  1. Simon says:

    I know you used the word ‘frustrated’ / ‘frustrating’ a lot, but it was so clear in your voice how you really do feel.
    I’m no business expert (I’m no expert in anything, my ex-wife would have said) but I would say if you believe in your business, keep going. Keep plugging away. Follow other blogs, like other blogs posts, because that normally prompts them to investigate yours. Take part in the WordPress challenges (follow this blog to see them http://dailypost.wordpress.com/) and that also generates traffic to your site.
    Most of all – don’t give up. Keep the faith. (Can’t believe I just quoted Jon Bon fuckin’ Jovi).

  2. Ha – I have Slippery When Wet on Vinyl in my collection! Thank you for your responses – i appreciate you taking the time. The first 50 cents into the jar belongs to you! Oh, and never listen to ex-wives….they don’t know shit! I’ll have a flick around and read some blogs, see how it works. Total virgin here…(lol).And might even throw down a wordpress challenge. Thanks for the guidance : )

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