What if we forget the idea of ‘the one’

Okay  – enough with the porn ranting (for now. don’t worry 2 people reading – there will be more at some stage i’m sure)

Anyhoo –
Since the statistics clearly show that the whole ‘until death do us part’ thing doesn’t fucking work – what if we take that part our of the equation. What if marriage become – let’s say – a contract you renew after 10 years?

Now if you got it right – and both parties are happy – you renew for another 20 years. Happily ever after blah blah.

But – if either party is unhappy at that point – the contract extends for 12 months – gives them time to fix things – therapy, whatever they need – then after that, they have the option to renew for the  20 years, or terminate the contract.

The stipulations for property division and custody are already in place beforehand, signed by both parties. Assets accumulated are divided and split 60/40 to the custodial parents – with each parent non voluntarily ‘investing’ a portion of their money to a trust for their kids if they apply. Parents contribute to this fund, and it pays out for schooling, medical, camp etc.

The thing is – a lifetime with one person – it’s a fucking long time. Never feeling that connection with someone new – new lips kissing yours…..new ideas and traits and things to fall in love with. It seems sort of depressing unless you’re one of the ‘lucky’ few who find the right person for them.

Maybe we’re meant to have more that ‘one great love’ (assuming that there is such a thing). And maybe that great love isn’t necessarily a person, an animal. It could be anything you’re passionate about i guess.

I just wonder – does looking for ‘the one’ put too much pressure on ourselves to make every relationship into a potential long term one  – even the ones that perhaps are best meant for what they are – enjoyable (usually…lol) intimate interludes along the great journey we define as ‘life’. Maybe if we took away the pressure to get it right, and gave people an out clause…either marriages would be happier and last longer, or people would get out of bad ones and not throw their lives away by being miserable.

Sanctioned second chance – starting over indeed.