10 minutes

Okay – so Child is back home and i’ve got about 10 minutes while her and the kids across the street do the well worn tradition of the summer holidays walk to the milk bar. You know….so fucking hot outside (39 here today) and the aircon is going inside….but the pull of the variety the milk bar provides over the freezer – well – that’s just about worth it’s weight in gold when you’re 11.

So the $10 it cost me is a little different from the days of going down there with a buck….getting a bubble o bill, a mega python, maybe some fads…a few mix lollies you know…and still having to throw in another milk button to knock out the last 2 cents.

Ahhhh – so the few days off from parenting have been a godsend. The fwb dropped by and put in a pretty good show. Kind enough to leave when done too – so i had the whole bed to myself.

Post orgasm sleep – is there anything fucking better??