Okay – so, I’ve never ‘bloooged’ before – i don’t know what the deal is. It’s feels like writing a screenplay of your life….an ending yet unwritten. But then the doubt bitch goes ‘how fucking arrogant, thinking people will not only read, but care enough to continue reading.’ But mostly i think of Californication – and Hank’s self loathing at becoming part of the machine – oh yeah – i fucking feel you Hank.

Anyway – a quickie introduction perhaps – Nina. 35, single, parent of one precocious yet delicious small person, co director of a growing Aussie business taking on the go-to players in our field, who just happen to be owned by major global media conglomerates. Oh yes – the playing field is sooo fucking even!!

I have my daughter with me 95% of the time – so let’s say that orgasms that actually involve another person – require precision planning and a sleep over elsewhere for the child. Ha, dating as a mid 30’s, single working parent in 2013 – so much fucking fun.

So yes, i say fuck a lot. I swear other words too….but mostly fuck (or variations there of), shit, horseshit, bullshit (anything in the ‘shit’ family really) – ass, asshole, asshat (again, another family i’m familiar with) and of course bitch and stuff like that don’t even count. I generally draw the line at the C-bomb – but even that has been pulled from the repertoire at times!

So yeah  – that’s the short of it. I’ll try and throw up some vids when the rant hits me – otherwise i’m going to vent the fuck out of this year via this medium – and if anyone cares to come along for the ride – well that would be fucking awesome!!


Can’t Sleep

Ahhhhhh…..fuckery! 2:30am, can’t sleep, all sorts of restless and a million and one things running through my head. What is it with that early morning brain hive thing? Anyone else get that too? Where you’re mind just runs mental lists of the six thousand things there are to do, or it skips from topic to topic….or sometimes it just gets stuck on one moment, one scenario, one memory –  and you just can’t stop thinking about it. Sometimes i don’t realise how deep into the thought i am until i feel tears rolling down my face, or i catch myself exhaling a massive breath.

Hmmmm…..when we’re young, all we want to do is grow up. And now, somedays i would give anything to be 10 again. No worries, no responsibilities – no bills, no deadlines, no politics and no awareness of how fucked up the world is right now. Sure there’s a downside – no bourbon for one…lol, no sex, no moments of passion and pleasure. Yeah – fairly substantial downsides i guess.

Spose i should get some sleep. The office awaits bright and early – and the treadmill will be calling me (fucking torture device) in 4 hours. Maybe rub one out quickly to help me drift off : )

Night everyone, and no one. May your dreams be laced with shades of an alternate reality.