So while we’re talking sex and porn (awesome way to get into blogging…lol, how my doing?)

The pubic hair thing? What’s going on here? When did no fucking public hair become, not only the norm – but the fucking expected thing?

As Women, we put ourselves through all sorts of fucking pain in the name of beauty (we’ll deal with why we do that to ourselves another time, just for fun ) – but internet porn had presented an image of the norm, and both sexes have picked that up and run with it.

Now i’m not saying you go round sporting some huge, tangled 70’s hippy bush – or ball hair long enough to fucking plait….i don’t want to cough up furballs after a blow job.That’s not what i’m saying here people. I’m saying – i’m all for tidying up that shit, keep it nice and trim and sexy but still something there you know? So i don’t fucking look like my 11 year old!!

And personally – i hate a guy who waxes all his hair off – it’s so fucking metro – and it just looks shit. Besides….When i’m enjoying teasing you with a nice long slow blow job….a little public hair to tug on with my teeth – always fucking hot.

The thing is – i don’t think people often realise how internet porn and the accessibility to it – has changed the way we view sex, what we consider to be the ‘norms’ of sex and body shape and ‘beauty’. If that’s all the young guys are seeing, and that’s how the young girls learn what to do then, it’s actually shifting the entire way we as a society, understand sex and how the good stuff works.

Pubic Hair – What’s the Deal Here??


Sex, Porn and 2013

So – is it just me, or does anyone else feel like the availability of porn online has changed the sexual landscape?

Now – i’m no prude – love me a good session, not much i won’t try – like to kink it up at times. Buuuut – here’s the butt again – what’s with guys and the porn moves? The idea if you just pound hard enough, for long enough – that somehow that’s going to leave me writhing and ‘porn star moaning’ in pleasure? (ahhhh, ohhh, yeah, oh em gee, that’s it, yeah, yeah, i’m gonna cum)

What the fuck happened to hands, and fingers, and giving a girl time to get turned on, get worked up, get fucking wet? What happened to kissing, to pashing, to making out while hands roam and play and explore? And what’s with the anal facination. Sure, i’ll play that game with someone i’m seeing regularly – but new guys expecting you to offer up some ass – i don’t fucking think so. Since when did that become a regular menu item?

And the pleasure thing – perhaps it’s because many of the guys in the dating age pool i’m wadding in have grown up with unfettered access to porn – but do guys not understand that women in porn are rarely actually getting off? I’m starting to think these blokes actually think shoving a cock down my throat and then railing on me as hard as they can is going to get me anywhere near an orgasm? And when you guide them, slow them down – show them what turns you on- the ego gets bruised and they start to pout.

It’s a bit of a worry – generations of guys growing up actually having no real idea how to really turn a Woman on. Young Women not forward enough, or experienced enough to ask for anything better – which means you end up with a lot of guys inexperienced in giving pleasure – Women doing things they don’t really want because it’s expected of them. And generations of people growing up sexually unsatisfied.

And where’s the female ‘friendly’ porn? I’ll be conservative, and say 99% of porn is geared to men. Man grabs tits, rips off clothes, man gets cock sucked. Man pounds pussy. Man pounds ass. Man gets ass to mouth. Man calls her a whore, a slut blah blah blah… nuts on her face. Woman pants as if she’s sooo turned on. Clip ends. Sometimes there’s variety. Two chicks on demand. Sometimes more. Maybe a couple of guys swapping mid stream – but that’s about it. I would say maybe one in one thousands female orgasms on film are real.

So – there we go – a mid Saturday morning porn rant – that’s the way to start the weekend! : D

Mid 30’s shagging – Online ‘Dating’

So – the online dating thing – fuck me is that a minefield of the mentally deficient one handed typist or what?

Now don’t get me wrong, i’ve met some great people online, had a few seriously decent shags, and scored an ongoing fwb sort of arrangement with a man who is an emotional child, but plays a great game of pool, and usually gets me off at least once. But – there’s a serious amount of muppet weeding going on to find the ones worth meeting – let along shagging.

So that’s my dating life. Sad as all fuck – i agree! Over in a fucking paragraph…lol. Ahhhh – i don’t know….i went through a stage of juggling a few and it was just exhausting – and none of them were anything more than distractions. Waiting for someone you actually want to know mentally as well as physically is the fucking hard part in all this.

And you see your friends couple up – and a few of them have good relationships – but most of them are settling – and you fucking swear you’ll never settle – but in the end, do we all settle in some way? We call it ‘compromise’ cause that sounds more adult – but it’s just a pc way to say we gave up some of our wants out of fear of ending up with nothing.

Maybe there’s something in that? Is something – even if it’s not everything – better than nothing when it comes to relationships?

Okay – I should go do some work. Two nights child free in a row which is a rarity. Work now, play later. I feel the urge to bend over the pool table tonight 😉

Later no one.