The Fucking Mobile Fhone Thing

I caved. Fuck. Cannot believe i caved…..yet here i am the proud owner of a new mobile phone for the Child. Not sure if i’m more pissed at getting it for her earlier than i thought i would – or that her arguments for the phone were better than mine against it, and in the end – not changing my stance would have been unfair i think. Yeah – just got ownd by an eleven year old. Feeling strong…lol. Hold on, time to pour a drink.

So of course we’ve had the long discussion on roaming costs, dowloads etc. She knows to use her ipod for games not the phone, but whether she actually thinks of those practicalities now that she has the phone – who knows?

I watched her pick this phone up – and it’s not Apple so she’s never used it before – and the way she navigated the set up instinctively was incredible. Looking at her eyes, darting around the screen, sucking in information at this insane rate – wow! I can’t imagine what it must be like for them, growing up in the midst of the digital and social media explosion. The instagram and fb, snapchat, kik, bump, skype – faaaaaark – frightening.

And the funny thing is – as a parent – when they’re younger, you’re all like ‘oh i won’t let my kid go on that blah blah blah’ – you know, the whole moralistic parenting thing. But – and here comes the butt – when all the kids are on it, it’s so hard leave them disconnected from that. And at the end of the day – they’re growing up in the SM age – they need to get conversant with how the online world works – the potential for harm, for people behaving in ways they never would in person. And then there’s the creepy stuff you have to warn them about, the security, fuck – it’s never ending.

So anyway – there it is- caver caver caver…lol.