So while we’re talking sex and porn (awesome way to get into blogging…lol, how my doing?)

The pubic hair thing? What’s going on here? When did no fucking public hair become, not only the norm – but the fucking expected thing?

As Women, we put ourselves through all sorts of fucking pain in the name of beauty (we’ll deal with why we do that to ourselves another time, just for fun ) – but internet porn had presented an image of the norm, and both sexes have picked that up and run with it.

Now i’m not saying you go round sporting some huge, tangled 70’s hippy bush – or ball hair long enough to fucking plait….i don’t want to cough up furballs after a blow job.That’s not what i’m saying here people. I’m saying – i’m all for tidying up that shit, keep it nice and trim and sexy but still something there you know? So i don’t fucking look like my 11 year old!!

And personally – i hate a guy who waxes all his hair off – it’s so fucking metro – and it just looks shit. Besides….When i’m enjoying teasing you with a nice long slow blow job….a little public hair to tug on with my teeth – always fucking hot.

The thing is – i don’t think people often realise how internet porn and the accessibility to it – has changed the way we view sex, what we consider to be the ‘norms’ of sex and body shape and ‘beauty’. If that’s all the young guys are seeing, and that’s how the young girls learn what to do then, it’s actually shifting the entire way we as a society, understand sex and how the good stuff works.

Pubic Hair – What’s the Deal Here??